Smart management

Manage wisely!

Becoming a Superteam is like mechanizing the production line of a factory, which increases your efficiency and reduces your costs.
VP (VICE PRESIDENT) is the teammate who turns your team into a Superteam

Become a Superteam

Superteam, combinations of people and robots leverage their complementary capabilities to solve problems, gain insights, and create value.

Digital Manager

VP is a team member, manager, and digital assistant for managers whose time is precious.

Tactical Tasks

Matched With The Team

Round The Clock

For All Kinds Of Platforms

No Devices

Integration With Any Software

Proactive Debugging

One of the things that  VP can do as a teammate is discover errors in the application or software you designed.

Project Management

From the beginning to the end


News is one of the most important influencing factors in the market trend. It is important that important news reaches you soon.

VP Magnifier Sole

Performance appraisal

Sales Invoice

If you have an online shop, you need to make an invoice for the items sold every month. VP does this automatically.

Prepared Daily Schedule!

From design to publication

VP can find the image related to your content, output it in different size and publish it on social networks.

VP does the accounting

every month


How much overtime did they have? On what?


How many hours of vacation per month?

presence and absence

Who is working today?

Holacracy With VP

A Holacracy is a structure characterized by a distribution of power among self-organizing groups, rather than the top-down authority in the typical hierarchical corporate culture model

Learning Organization

Technological changes are one of the most important challenges for organizations. Turn this challenge into an opportunity with VP.

Dreams Come True!

You can order VP according to your team, your needs, and the tools you use. VP has no limitations.

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Access to Trello activities
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Teskulu intelligent management
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Automatic publication of content
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Google docs smart editor
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Automatic generation of images
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Receive and send email automatically
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Invoice and smart accounting
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Integration with Virdaar

Every Team Needs Its Own VP

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